Reset Gmail Account Password When Forgotten Password

Go to the Gmail sign-in page on your browser and enter your User ID within the provided field and click on on subsequent button.

On subsequent screen where you'll be prompted to enter the password, you'll got to click on the Forgot password? option. you'll be taken to subsequent screen.

On subsequent screen, you'll be prompted to enter the last password you remember for your Gmail account. Enter the last password within the provided field and click on on subsequent button.

After that, you'll got to complete the verification process to prove yourself because the rightful owner of the Gmail account. For this, you'll tend one (or more) of the subsequent options counting on the account recovery option related to your account.

. Account Recovery telephone number

. Account Recovery Email Address

. Date once you created this Google account.

. Answer a security question that you simply added to your account at the time of account registration.

Provide an email address which you'll access currently.

By providing the specified information for the above-mentioned options during the verification, you'll be allowed to reset the password for your Gmail account on subsequent screen.

Recover My Gmail Account

If you're trying to recover a work-related or school-related account, ask the IT department for assistance. You'll not be ready to retrieve it on your own. You were using Recovery Questions. In some cases, you'll be prompted to offer the answers to recovery inquiries to Recover My Gmail Account.