Factory Reset Windows 10 Without Password

In case your windows PC doesn't run correctly or you have met various computer stuck issues, then it's time to reset it to factory settings. Factory resets can solve a lot of Windows issues. In this guide, we'll briefly introduce unique procedures to factory reset Windows 10 without the password. Still, every method has its peculiar advantages and disadvantages, so you have to make a decision based on your taste.
Please be aware the factory resetting operating system will lose all information saved on the computer's hard drive and your computer will be reset to Windows 10 brand new defaults. If you've backed up your PC, go to Part 1 and Part 2. But otherwise, please jump to Part 4 at which supplies a secure approach to factory reset computer without data loss.


But what if you have no installation disk and cannot get into the Windows 10, the way to restore the Windows PC to factory settings? If you're in the exact same situation, this procedure is definitely for you. It is a powerful tool that you can use to reset or remove forgotten lost and password on Windows 10/8/7 in seconds. The tool can be fast and responds on time. To regain your Windows password with Passer for Windows, follow the steps below.

After that, the Windows password recovery interface will come up. Just choose Reset Windows Password from 4 options, select the target user account you want to reset its password and then click on Next button to move.
Enter the new password for the account. Then you can login into Windows 10 using the new password

After the Windows 10 account password is reset, click "Reboot Computer" to open your locked Windows 10
Now I bet you learn how to factory reset Windows 10 with no password. Whether you have to reset your notebook before you sell it or just want to refresh your PC for a performance increase, these methods will work for you. If you want to reset it without any document, then Passper Windows Password Recovery Tool is definitely your best choice.