Deactivate AOL Email Account

In case your AOL account was hacked, then you will first have to reset your username and password for the account before you can make any changes to it. If you're deleting among those AOL as mentioned above usernames connected to an account but not removing the entire account, you can then remove the hacked username. If you are Deactivate AOL Email Account , you have first to convert it into a free account then remove the free account. If you are transferring your free account, you will permanently eliminate access to the accounts and all email connected to the account.
Navigate to My Account on AOL (link in Resources). Click "Forgot Password?"
Sort your AOL username or email address in the Username or Email area. Type the words from the CAPTCHA image and then choose "Next."
Select to validate ownership of your accounts by getting a text message




to your registered phone. Sort the cell phone number connected to the account and click "Send" Type the five-digit confirmation code included in the text message to the prompt on the screen.
Confirm ownership of your account by receiving an email to some documented alternate email address. Choose "Next" to send the email and wait for it to arrive. Click on the link in the email to reset your password.

Confirm possession of your accounts by answering your established account security questions and providing personal information. Type the response to the security question in the box supplied. Choose "Account Holder" and type your first and last name in the boxes supplied. Alternatively, select "Personal Details" and form your date of birth and zip code in the boxes provided. Another choice is picking "Alternate Email" and typing your alternate email address in the box provided. Click "Next."

 Form a new password to 16 characters at the password prompt. Press "Tab" and type it again to confirm. Click on "Next" and then "Done" to complete the password reset process.