If you want to change the password of your Gmail account, then you'll easily roll in the hay along with your current password. to do this, follow these steps:
First of all, attend the official Gmail login page, then click on the gear icon within the upper right corner.
Select Settings from a scroll down.
Now click on the “Account Information section and select Security Settings.
Enter an alternate email identifier to receive a security code. You'll receive a security code in step with the choice you provided.
Enter the code you received and click on Change Gmail Password.
After that, enter the new password for your Gmail account, then enter it again to verify.
Recover your Google account with https //g.co/recover password
You need to understand this security feature, how are you able to recover your Google account again. A Google Account may be a user account required to access and use various Google applications and services.
1- additionally, users also can use this service to authenticate various third-party accounts and services.
2- Use the Google Account Recovery option g.co/recover for reference First.open this URL https //g.co.recover on the URL tab and enter.
3- this may open your Google Account recovery page where you want to enter your username and password.
4- If the password you entered doesn't work here to access your Google account, you would like to click here “Another option” Now, using this feature to revive your Google account, you want to choose the choice to find the code on your mobile telephone. Use this code on another choice to revive the Google account process
5- Another problem may arise if you don’t use your mobile for an extended time.,
6- you'll use your alternate email id to recover your Google Account
7- Indicate your alternative email identifier and click on the following option, you'll receive a code for this email identifier, now enter this code within the recovery process within the required text box. albeit this feature doesn't work,
You can choose this process https: //g.co.recover for help or select the safest option.
The 24-hour Google Account Recovery Number is out there at https://g.co/recover for the assistance page.

How to recover yahoo password without phone number and alternate email

Recovering your lost or forgotten password are a few things that everybody who owns an account online has experienced. Most of the days people put simple passwords to avoid forgetting their password. Simple and easy passwords should not be used. This makes it easy for intruders to realize access to any or all your secured information. It may be simpler to only make a powerful password and put it aside somewhere that you just only have access to – a password manager.
Usually, if you've got lost your Yahoo password and need to recover it, you've got to travel through a particular process to realize your goal. The process used before was answering a group of secret questions. But now they improved their security by allowing you to only reset your password through your personal phone and any email you've got access to. Due to this, how to recover your password without using your telephone number or an alternate email address.



Although it's impossible to recover your Yahoo password without a telephone number or an alternate email, this guide will show you the method taken when attempting to recover your Yahoo password without a telephone number or an alternate email address.

On the page, you are asked to select how you would like to verify your account. In the case that you simply don't have access to a telephone number, you click on the button “I don’t have access to the present phone“. You will be taken to the page where you'll select how you'd wish to verify your account using an alternate way.
On the page, again you're asked to pick how you'd wish to verify your account. In the case that you simply don't have access to an alternate email address, you click on the button “I don’t have access to the present email“. You will be taken to the page where you can continue the process to recover your lost or forgotten password

If you have no access to a phone or an email address, you'll not be able to recover your Yahoo password. This is So Yahoo only uses 2 methods for the verification process. On this step, you're taken to a page where they notify you that Yahoo can’t recover your password. Yahoo allows you to start out over the method of recovering your password otherwise you may simply visit the Yahoo Help Site so you'll learn more about how you can recover your password.

AOL Account Recovery

Forgot your AOL account password? Try these Simple Steps to Recover

Being an AOL account holder, you'll confront several problems whenever you are trying to access it. But one among the foremost common things which are highly faced by the users is forgetting their email account password & need AOL Account Recovery. Every email user including the AOL Mail faces this issue once during a while. There are many ways for AOL account recovery which is mentioned during this article and you'll study them during a step by step procedure.


How to recover AOL account

Have you forgotten your AOL account password? Then it means you'll unable to log in until you'd not recover your password. AOL proffers many ways during which you'll simply recover AOL account password. But there are many users who don’t realize the AOL account recovery process and if you're also one of those, and then you'll follow the mentioned instructions.

Steps to recover AOL account password

  • First of all, attend the official sign-in page.
  • Enter your username or email ID related to AOL that password you would like to recover.
  • Click on Sign-in option.
  • Click on I forgot my password link which is present slightly below the check in tab.
  • Type your username into the given field then click on Next.
  • Enter the telephone number which is linked to your AOL account that you simply provided during the account creation.
  • When you enter the telephone number, AOL sends a verification code to your provided number to verify your identity then click on Yes, text me a verification code.
  • Enter the code that you simply have received on your telephone number then click on the Verify tab.
  • A new page will open where you'll enter a replacement password of your choice for your AOL account then re-enter an equivalent password to ver
  • Click on the Save tab to finish the method of AOL account recovery.

AOL Account Recover

By following these above-mentioned steps of AOL Account Recover, you'll perform AOL account recovery procedure during a very simple manner and obtain back to your AOL Mail account with a replacement password. just in case you're still experiencing any problem while recovering your password, then contact the customer service team for a far better assistance. Else this procedure is complete enough to supply the answer for issues like AOL Account Recovery.

AOL Mail Not Working

There are often numerous problems with multiple reasons preventing you from accessing or operating your AOL mail not working . during this guide, you'll study a number of the foremost common problems that generally avert AOL Mail from working as was common . Following are the common problems with their solutions you'll ask as per your requirement.


Try restarting your computer before accessing your AOL email account.
Try accessing your account via a special browser.
Clear the cache, cookies and browser history of your browser .
Disable pop-up blocking software.
Make sure your Antivirus software isn't causing trouble with the browser on which you're trying to access your AOL Mail account. If this seems to be the case, you'll make an exception for the online browser.
If you're unable to check in AOL Mail account, it might be either you're entering the incorrect credential, or your account may need been hacked by someone. In such a case, you'll follow these steps to repair the matter .

1.)  click on Login / Join choice to get to the AOL Log-in page.


2.) On the sign-in page, enter your username click Next botton. On subsequent screen, you'll be asked to enter your account’s password. Here, you'll got to click on the “I forgot my password” option.


3.) On subsequent screen, you'll got to first verify yourself because the rightful owner of the account by using the various options available. you'll get the subsequent list of options for verification.

Verification via Recovery telephone number
Verification via Recovery Email Address
Verification Via Answering Security Question
4.) Once you complete this verification process, you'll be ready to access your account.

AOL Desktop Won’t Open

AOL Desktop Gold software is meant for the pc . Once you put in the software on the system, double-click on its icon to launch AOL Gold. In-case if your AOL Desktop Won’t Open or AOL Gold Not Working then there are some causes are available AOL Desktop.
1. Run a fast anti-virus scan and delete any file which will be a threat.


2. Check your computer to attach to the web via cable or wifi.
3. Clear browser’s cache memory through the browser setting option.
4. Uninstall any program that's incompatible with AOL Desktop Gold.
5. Disable any firewall that's active which may prevent AOL Gold from opening.
AOL desktop gold software is one among the foremost widely used software which allows the user to hold our multiple tasks like mail exchange, watching videos, playing games and lots of more. This software is so strong that rarely the user faces any Problem while using this. However, there could also be some issues which will render you from accessing the high-end features of AOL desktop gold. Read the guide and fix them within a brief span of your time . we've gathered relevant information, helping users to band aid AOL Gold Problems. Issues like login error, software not working, password recovery, sign-in problems are quite common and hence, knowing their troubleshooting methods is extremely important.



Reset Gmail Account Password When Forgotten Password

Go to the Gmail sign-in page on your browser and enter your User ID within the provided field and click on on subsequent button.

On subsequent screen where you'll be prompted to enter the password, you'll got to click on the Forgot password? option. you'll be taken to subsequent screen.

On subsequent screen, you'll be prompted to enter the last password you remember for your Gmail account. Enter the last password within the provided field and click on on subsequent button.

After that, you'll got to complete the verification process to prove yourself because the rightful owner of the Gmail account. For this, you'll tend one (or more) of the subsequent options counting on the account recovery option related to your account.

. Account Recovery telephone number

. Account Recovery Email Address

. Date once you created this Google account.

. Answer a security question that you simply added to your account at the time of account registration.

Provide an email address which you'll access currently.

By providing the specified information for the above-mentioned options during the verification, you'll be allowed to reset the password for your Gmail account on subsequent screen.

Recover My Gmail Account

If you're trying to recover a work-related or school-related account, ask the IT department for assistance. You'll not be ready to retrieve it on your own. You were using Recovery Questions. In some cases, you'll be prompted to offer the answers to recovery inquiries to Recover My Gmail Account.